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Aware360 understands people are the most important part of a workplace and strive to provide the tools to ensure they will have help whenever it’s needed. Driven by our passion for people, Aware360 creates solutions to connect people with personal technology, to those who care and can help. This ensures people are safe, especially where they are exposed to social, environmental or health risks.

From workers in the most remote locations to delivery drivers in urban areas, we provide the technology and response network to ensure their safety anywhere in the world. That’s the power our PeopleIoT™ solutions.

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  • At Aware360, we believe all workers should be safe and productive, wherever they are. That’s why we’re giving away a Garmin inReach Mini at the 2019 NSC Congress & Expo. Come see us at booth #1852 to enter for the draw!

 Press Releases

  • Aware360 Introduces Fatigue Assessment App to Measure Fitness for Work

    New product identifies impairment to improve worksite safety and performance

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 – Aware360, a global leader in technology tools to enhance worker safety and productivity, is pleased to introduce Aware4Duty. Validated by the NIOSH, the solution requires employees to perform a 90-second, app-based cognitive assessment measuring alertness and fatigue.

    Aware4Duty measures alertness with privacy, objectivity and fairness in mind. The emphasis is on the level of cognitive performance compared to an individual’s unique baseline score of 10 previous tests. It simply identifies significant variation from previous results, indicating alertness is outside normal range. A lower than normal result empowers the employer to initiate company programs for increased rest or assignment of lower-risk tasks.

    The need for workplace impairment screening is on the rise, statistics estimate it costs American businesses $136.4B each year. Traditional bio-based testing is costly, invasive and cannot identify fatigue-related impairment. Aware4Duty’s ability to detect fatigue and other sources of impairment through a smartphone or tablet will allow employers to identify workers who may have an increased safety risk without compromising personal privacy.

    “Employees suffering from fatigue are almost three times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident, with as many as 69% of employees citing that they are tired while at work,” says Steve Matthews, CEO of Aware360. “The use of technology like Aware4Duty has the ability to reduce worker compensation claims

    by 70% while increasing productivity by 11%.”

    Employers have a Duty of Care to ensure their employees, to the extent that is reasonably possible, are healthy and safe on the job. In addition, the emergence of Fit for Duty policies within energy, manufacturing and transportation industries are driving employers to implement controls for fatigue and impairment.

    About Aware360:

    Aware360 understands people are the most important part of any workplace and provides the tools to keep employees safe throughout their day.

    Driven by our passion for people, the Aware360 suite of solutions leverages edge devices such as smartphones, wearables and satellite communicators to keep people safe and productive.

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  • iDriveAware
    iDriveAware supports your driver behavior program with an app for drivers and web-portal for managers. The solution reduces distracted driving, motivates drivers, gives insights and trends, and saves costs with journey planning and reducing liabilities....

  • iDriveAware: app-based driver behavior software

    Driving is one of the most dangerous activities people do. An estimated 41% of workplace fatalities are caused by accidents, and 90% of accidents are caused by human error. Smartphones can help solve this problem. Our iDriveAware app evaluates everyday driver actions and gives drivers feedback on how to improve. Your driver behavior program can:

    • Motivate drivers through scores and gamification
    • Give supervisors business intelligence into trends and issues, such as times of day when driving behavior deteriorate
    • Save costs by improving journey planning and reducing liabilities

    With a simple app for drivers (iOS, Android) and web-based portal for managers, you can be up and running in minutes across your entire fleet.

    Real time insight into how drivers act on the road

    Unlike traditional telematics, which focus on the vehicle, iDriveAware captures real-time driver actions and evaluates them in relation to the environment, current conditions and even the actions of other drivers. 

    Real results that improve operations and save costs

    With extensive analytics and map-based visualization, managers can see risks and trends, identify journey hot-spots and better routes, and gain operational insight about all their vehicles. Improved fuel economy, vehicle uptime and safety performance also save significant costs.


  • SafetyAware
    SafetyAware keeps lone and at-risk workers in touch with a live response center 24/7 to ensure their safety. The solution includes an easy-to-use app, a web-based portal, monitoring center, and optional wearables and satellite devices....

  • SafetyAware: Lone worker safety software

    Are your employees safe no matter where they are? People working alone are vulnerable, and a liability for companies. Legislation mandates the protection of lone workers, but companies struggle to establish procedures that can be easily and consistently followed.

    SafetyAware easily keeps workers in touch with the right people at the right time – with the right insight to keep them safe. It eliminates manual calls that consume time and produce false alarms. The software as a service platform includes an easy-to-use app, a web-based Control Center, 24/7 live response center monitoring, and optional wearables and devices – to protect anyone in your company, wherever they are.

    Real-time insight that’s always on

    SafetyAware provides automatic insight into multiple data points that help keep employees safe. The data is captured in real time so a response team always has the most up-to-date information. 

    • Robust data into activity, condition, location, and time, including alerts for non-medical assistance, hazard timers and record-keeping for audits and incidents
    • 24/7/365 protection, with guaranteed outcomes whether employees are on or off the clock, for no extra cost
    • Automated and manual check-in options, including in-motion check-ins for driving 
    • Worker trusted, with a secure platform and privacy settings

    Support from real people who can help in an instant

    SafetyAware connects workers with the right people to help. Monitors at an emergency response center assess status 24/7, investigate missed check-ins, communicate with workers and find the best help. This support lets supervisors and managers focus on the business of managing, not chasing down possible alerts before they’ve been verified.

    • Two-way communication with emergency response staff
    • Configurable escalation procedures
    • Ability for response center to standardize on software to increase response times
    • “Neighbor-helping-neighbour” feature identifies others in the area who might help, whether or not they work at the same company


  • Aware4Duty
    Fatigue can affect performance, and in high-risk activities mistakes can be fatal. It only takes a minute to gain peace-of-mind that your team has arrived at the job site fit for duty. The Aware4Duty app is a simple tool that assesses alertness....

  • Aware4Duty: cognitive screening software to measure impairment and fatigue

    According to the National Safety Council, 69% of employees are tired at work. Fatigue can affect performance, and in high-risk activities mistakes can be fatal. It only takes a minute to gain peace-of-mind that your team has arrived at the job site fit for duty. The Aware4Duty app is a simple cognitive test that assesses alertness. It improves safety and efficiency by identifying risks before they become incidents.

    Aware4Duty is a scientifically proven, non-invasive game-like assessment taken via an app on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

    The score quickly and simply identifies potential impairment from fatigue, medication, illness, extreme stress or substance abuse. The focus is on level of impairment rather than cause of impairment, removing judgement from management and potential opposition from the workforce.

    Protect workers in seconds

    The app-based evaluation takes less than 90 seconds. It’s so quick that it can be completed before a shift, during a break, or multiple times a day without disrupting productivity. Aware4Duty can be used onsite or at a remote work location using any Apple or Android smart device.

    Regardless of location, workers can be assessed:

    • Use the screen before driving or other higher risk duties

    • Get instant results in the app and compare to historical data

    Ensure privacy, objectivity and fairness

    Alertness testing with Aware4Duty protects worker privacy while keeping them safe, to create a respectful and productive workplace.

    • Protect privacy with a non-invasive process that does not seek out impairment cause
    • Avoid bias with an image-based tool anyone can use
    • Keep information secure with password-protected log-in 

    Identify issues before they’re problems

    Based on scientific cognitive studies, Aware4Duty measures cognitive function based on response and recall. A dashboard for managers provides an objective report on employee alertness.

    • Receive instant notifications of workers’ readiness for the job
    • Manage and track employee profiles
    • Review detailed statistics to identify trends
    • Inform safety programs with insight into workers’ cognitive health


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