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StaySafe provides organisations responsible for lone workers with a great value, easy to use safety monitoring solution. Lone workers come in all shapes and sizes, operating over a wide range of industries and situations where they require protection. Whether visiting customers in their homes or working at height, we offer a solution for your individual needs. 

We believe a mobile app is the most effective way of protecting lone workers, which is why the StaySafe app is at the core of our business. Unlike other providers who offer an app as an add-on to their service, StaySafe has been specifically designed to overcome specific lone worker challenges. 

StaySafe’s lone working app enables you to protect and monitor your employees’ whilst they work, travel or meet with clients alone or in remote locations. The intuitive safety app monitors the location of lone workers in real-time and allows them to check-in safely once they have finished a lone working or travel session. Our lone worker app keeps over 40,000 employees safe globally every day.

 Press Releases

  • StaySafe has been named as one of the three winners of the 2019 Readers’ Choice award by Canadian Occupational Safety (COS) magazine. Over 1,200 readers across Canada chose StaySafe as one of the best lone working monitoring companies in the country.

    StaySafe is an app and surrounding cloud-based monitoring service which tracks a lone worker’s location via GPS. If an employee triggers an alert or they do not check-in within a specified time, the app alerts their manager allowing them to get help straight away. 

    COS is one of the main occupational health and safety publications in North America with a readership of over 14,000. The magazine provides practical and informative advice regarding workplace safety, whilst highlighting recent news and updates in the industry.  

    Don Cameron, CEO at StaySafe adds, “With the rise in lone working and increasing rigorous Canadian health and safety legislation, we are delighted to have been recognised as one of the best lone working companies in Canada. Providing the highest level of protection to lone working staff is of the utmost importance to us. We have designed the app to be user friendly and we offer training and support to all users to guarantee that they are confident in using the solution.”

    Find out more about the importance of investing in your workers health and safety here.


  • StaySafe App
    Our lone worker app and alarm provides reliable protection for your workforce....

  • The StaySafe app has been designed for a simple user experience, which means it is quick, easy-to-use and fits effortlessly into the working day. As the app is installed on your employees’ smart device, it is generally always with them and fully charged.  There is also less user resistance compared to a separate lone worker device.

    With no capital outlay for hardware, our lone working app can be up and running in less than 24 hours, with minimal upfront investment. 

    Keep track of employee safety and location

    The StaySafe app is linked to a secure cloud-based monitoring Hub which accurately locates your lone workers on a map and provides you with real-time updates on their movements.

    Employees are able to start a timed session before they begin a period of lone work or travel. This triggers a countdown and GPS tracking which is visible in the Hub. If one of your employees fails to check-in safely during a lone working session or raises an alert, a notification will pop up on screen as well as via SMS text and email, allowing you to locate them and get help straight away. The hub also keeps an accurate log and allows you to report on previous lone worker sessions and alerts. 

    Alternatively, StaySafe work alongside a number of security partners to provide 24/7 monitoring and response services on your behalf.

    The V.BTTN: a wearable lone working device

    The V.BTTN lone working device from StaySafe enables your employees to continue using the StaySafe app without unlocking their phone. Employees simply need to connect the button to their device via Bluetooth, leave their phone nearby, and click or hold to continue to check-in or send a panic alert.

    Pairing your device with V.BTTN is a great solution for anyone working in fast paced, social or industrial work environments where pushing a button may be a more convenient way of using the StaySafe app.

    Satellite Tracking Device

    Our satellite solution is perfect for anyone regularly travelling to remote areas where even a basic 2G connection cannot be made. Designed to endure falls and harsh weather, the device is suitable for use in any environment. With 100% global signal coverage and up to 30 days battery life, you can keep lone workers safe in remote areas including oceans, airways and polar regions

    For employees who experience areas of low – rather than no connectivity – we also offer a low signal mode, which can be used with a regular smartphone or tablet.

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