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Brady Corporation is a manufacturer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, products, and places. Brady products help customers increase safety, security, productivity, and performance with high-performance labels, signs, safety devices, printing systems and software.


  • SpillFix All Natural Granular
    Still using clay-based granular? There's a better solution. All-natural, 100% biodegradable and 4X more's time to make the switch to SpillFix Granular absorbent, brought to you by Brady SPC....


    • All-natural coconut coir construction that's silica free, helps keeps employees safe
    • Dust-free - a fmailiar product without the dust and mess
    • Highly effective - up to 4X more absorbent than clay-based granular products
    • Picks up hydrocarbons, oil-based, water-based and chemical solutions
    • FDA approved for use in food and beverage facilities
    • 100% biodegradable and landfill safet per California regulations
    • non-abrasive - will not damage floors or equipment
  • BrightSorb High Visibility Collection
    The BrightSorb collection provides users with safety-minded absorbents that help with OSHA compliance....


    • High visibility coloring is great for low light areas throughout your facility, drawing attention to the presence of leaks, drips and spills
    • Printing creates a culture of safety reminding employees in the area to exercise an extra level of caution
    • Pillows, socks, spill kits, high performance pads and rolls to outfit your facility and your application
    • Pillows and socks feature a lint resistant sleeve to keep  your environment clean
    • Spill kits are available in a variety of sizes up to 95 gallons
  • PaintStripe Floor Marking Stencil
    Brady now offers line-paining stencils for floor-marking applications. These stencils offer a convenient, precise solution wherever painted lines are preferred to create a safe, organized and productive work environment....


    PaintStripe stencils facilitate quick and easy painting of professional quality floor-marking lines on concrete and other industrial surfaces by:

    • Faster Application compared to other masking alternatives. Stencils align easily to yoru desired lay-out, masking the complete line pattern.
    • Exact Measurement of line dimensions and angles. Exact line widths are assured by Brady's innovative design. Printed markeings on the stencils allow for easy measurement of line distance and rapid alignment of corners, using only a scissors or utility knife.
    • Precise Control of painted line edges. Two available levels of adhesive ensure securely masked edges when painting and easy removal when the job is done. Edge quality is crisp and clean
  • Safety Lock and Tag Carrier
    Now your maintenance team members can simplify storing and carrying multiple safety padlocks, hasps, keys and tags to multiple lockout points with Brady's Safety Lock and Tag Carrier....

  • Brady Safety Lock and Tag Carrier facilitates quick and easy trnasportation of lockout tagout devices to help secure energy isolation points throughout your facility. 


    • Convenient Transport of lockout tagout devices by being able to bring all necessary supplies for equipment lockout with one carrier. High capacity carrier holds up to 24 padlocks when held back-to-back.
    • Improves Organization by reducing the amount of lost or misplaced padlocks and hasps. The offset design permits flush wall mounting and hanging on a belt clip. 
    • Improves Safety by helping ensure all lockout locations are addressed and secured. 
  • TAGLOCK Circuit Breaker Securing Devices
    Now your maintenance team members can individually tag and secure each circuit breaker like never before. Brady's innovative TAGLOCK devices can be secured to circuit breakers with standard non-releasable 50 pound minimum strength nylon cable ties.


    Brady TAGLOCK lockout securing devices offer:

    • Simplicity: Easily secure onto the breaker with nylon cable tie and work's ID tag. No lock needed.
    • Multiple Worker Usage: 3 workers can individually secure each TAGLOCK by applying their nyon tie and unique ID tag. Additionally, TAGLOCK can be secured with a lock if desired.
    • Positive Restraint Security: Each worker is assured that the TAGLOCK device will remain secureily fastened to the breaker's switch until cutting and removing the 50 pound nylon cable tie that holds their personal tag.
    • Tags Can Be Pre-Loaded: Lead worker ID tags can be prepared in advance and pre-loaded onto TALGOCK devices, which are then quickly secured to the designated remote energy control lockout points. 
    • More Convenient: You may be able to procedurally eliminate the need to add padlocks.
    • Cost Savings: Tag preparation & equipment downtimes can be streamlined.
  • Arc Flash Assessment
    Completing an Arc Flash assessment in-house requires time, engineered resources and power system analysis software to calculate the risk. Let a licensed engineer with the right tools and resources for the task help you reach and maintain compliance....


    • One of our engineers will hold a kick off meeting that will include team building with your internal stakeholders and a facility tour
    • Our engineer will then collect and audit your arc flash data including identifying all electrical equipment, documenting conductor lengths and ampacities, documenting overcurrent protection device ratings and more
    • Once all the data is collected, they will enter the information into the power system analysis software creating an electrical system single-line diagram
    • With all information in hand our engineer will create your risk assessment report and create the corresponding arc flash labels
    • Once the report is completed, our engineer will review your report and install your arc flash labels
  • Lockout Program Gap Analysis
    Is your lockout program is successful? Don’t wait for an incident or near miss to uncover deficiencies. Brady's Gap Analysis is a proactive approach to helping you identify the current state and address areas for improvement....


    To provide a complete view of your lockout program, each lockout program gap analysis encompasses three areas:

    • A lockout program compliance analysis
    • A lockout employee engagement analysis
    • A lockout program application analysis

    Each analysis is scored upon industry best practieces to help you easily understand areas of excellence and opportunties for improvement.

    Once completed you will receive a details report that includes breakdowns of each section, a comparative summary and personalized action plan.

  • Desktop Label Printers
    Brady has several options of high-volume or low-volume industrial sign and label makers for you to consider. While great for facility identification, the wide range of materials offered make them great for cable and wire ID too....

  • Choose the printer that is right for your application.  
    Options include: 

    • Stand alone or PC connectivity
    • Thermal transfer printing
    • Inkjet printing
    • Multi-color or single color 
    • XY cutter
    • Large format

    Visit Brady in Booth 2218 to find out which option is best for you.

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