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IsoMetrix is one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise software for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), with integrated solutions for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), Sustainability, Health and Safety Management, Enterprise Risk Management, as well as Internal Audit and Compliance. With offices in Johannesburg, Atlanta, Toronto and Perth, and implementation partners on four continents, IsoMetrix is geared to service both global and local organisations.

Innovation is an integral part of the company’s values and our success to date. The IsoMetrix product is a disruptive technology in the GRC space. It has been developed as a hyper-agile platform that allows us to provide our customers with tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements.

The agile nature of the software also enables us to develop new functionality to meet on-going, changing needs in a rapid and cost-effective manner, resulting in long-term partnerships with our its customers. An even greater benefit of our innovative technology is our ability to develop new solutions, modules and features far more rapidly than our competitors. 



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 Press Releases

  • Leading mining house selects IsoMetrix

    South32 and IsoMetrix have entered into a contract to roll out IsoMetrix software for South32’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management. The first phase of the GRC implementation includes Events, Actions, and Risk Management, across its HSE and Enterprise Risk divisions.

    “Our key differentiator is our ability to quickly create solutions that provide a tailored fit against our customers’ requirements. This is particularly beneficial to mature organisations like South32, which has a clear understanding of their processes and want their software to mould to fit these, rather than compromising their processes to adapt to software” Explains Conrad Moller, MD of IsoMetrix Australia.

    The IsoMetrix solution provides a simple and intuitive user-interface experience and supports flexible, real-time reporting through the use of dashboards. This enables data-driven decision making, driving accountability and continuous improvement in HSE.


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  • IsoMetrix is proud to have been one of the finalists in the prestigious FNB BIA (Business Innovation Awards), announced at a gala ceremony this evening in Bryanston.

    The awards, held in partnership with Endeavor, recognise innovation as a key driver of business growth and scalability, and present a unique opportunity for high-impact entrepreneurs to realise their potential.

    “We believe that our approach to innovation over the past five years has enabled us to develop the world’s best technology for Governance Risk and Compliance, and we are extremely pleased to be recognised for this,” says Paul Marketos, founder, and Director at IsoMetrix. “The FNB selection panel was made up of extremely experienced business people. We got a fairly intense interrogation our strategy and vision. Getting their approval, through winning this award, gives us encouragement that we are on the right track.”

    “Participating in this award has elevated our status and generate interest in our GRC software solutions. It is a huge boost to our brand awareness,” says Paul.


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  • Compliance Management and Legal Register
    IsoMetrix Compliance Management provides a robust compliance management framework which presents users with an accessible and understandable distillation of the law, policies, and codes relevant to their areas of responsibility....

  • Compliance Management and Legal Register – an integrated management solution

    The IsoMetrix Compliance Management solution provides a robust compliance management framework which seamlessly integrates withIsoMetrix ERMIsoMetrix HSEC Management and IsoMetrix Sustainability Management solutions. Once compliance risks are identified, described and prioritised, a systematic process of investigation, action planning and management is triggered.​


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  • Enterprise Risk Management Software
    IsoMetrix Enterprise Risk and Governance Management allows businesses to define strategic objectives, assess risks, conduct audits and log incidents in a single, integrated solution, maximising the long-term value to all stakeholders....

  • Identify, assess, control, exploit, finance and monitor risks with IsoMetrix ERM Software

    The IsoMetrix Enterprise Risk Management software solution provides a central platform with an integrated combined assurance approach to manage all risks faced by organisations.

    The solution allows you to identify, assess, control, exploit, finance and monitor risks from all sources and at all levels of the enterprise, for the purpose of maximising the long-term value to all stakeholders. Once risks are identified and described, a systematic process of assessing, prioritising, controlling and monitoring is triggered.

  • Environmental Sustainability Software
    The IsoMetrix Environmental Sustainability solution enables the efficient monitoring, management, analysis and reporting of environmental compliance, obligations and strategic initiatives performance....

  • The IsoMetrix Environmental Sustainability solution is an integrated web-based platform that is based on the requirements of ISO 14001 and incorporates the relevant clauses outlined in the ISO 26000 guidelines.

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  • Food Safety Software
    Food Safety is fully configurable to provide businesses in the industry with a solution that tracks, defines, manages, and reports on food safety and compliance processes, supporting organisations to deliver produce to the highest standard....

  • Theoretically, food poisoning is 100% preventable if the correct procedures in handling, preparation and storage of food are followed. Foodborne diseases result from foods containing pathogens and any organisation involved in handling, preparation or storage of food runs the risk of spreading diseases if good hygienic practices are not followed. All food should be free of contaminants such as micro-organisms and chemicals before being consumed.


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  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management Softwa
    Health, Safety and Environment Management combines the different health, safety and environmental processes in a dynamic, flexible and systematic way, providing a single, comprehensive, and integrated HSE (EHS) solution....

  • The IsoMetrix Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE/EHS) solution assists organisations to manage HSE (EHS) processes and drive operational performance improvement, effectively reducing risk and cost.

    The HSE (EHS) software combines the different health, safety and environmental processes in a dynamic, flexible and systematic way, thereby providing a single, comprehensive, integrated management solution.


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  • Land Access & Resettlement
    ith the IsoMetrix Land Access & Resettlement solution you get a management platform to record stakeholder information, manage baseline data and compensation payments, as well as many more other features....

  • The natural resources sector operates in a context of increased awareness and regulation regarding the potential social impacts of their activities, particularly in developing countries.

    Activities with a significant social impact include:

    • Mining
    • Oil and gas extraction
    • Large-scale infrastructure projects such as dams
    • Renewable energy projects such as wind farms
    • Other activities requiring large scale land acquisition and population resettlement

    Land access and resettlement broadly addresses the physical and economic displacement of communities and people that typically lead to loss of assets and disruption of livelihoods. There is growing awareness that the effective management of land access and resettlement should be beneficial to all parties. It should not solely address traditional impact mitigation but should rather be an opportunity for positive and sustainable development.


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  • Occupational Health
    The Occupational Health – Medical Surveillance solution enables you to track medical trends; manage compliance & regulatory requirements; mitigate absences; and make informed decisions on how to improve employee health and productivity....

  • The goal of preventative health care in the workplace is to protect the health of both employees and service providers. Preventative health care also aims to check employee fitness for work and avoid occupational accidents and illnesses.

    Ensuring that employees are up to date on their medical screening and examinations can be a very time consuming exercise that is difficult to manage.

    The outcome of any preventative health care programme should ensure that:

    • Employees are fit for, and suited to, the work they are to do, and meet the inherent health requirements for the relevant occupation.

    • The health of employees is not adversely affected by their work or working environment.

    • Baseline medical information on all employees is established, especially those exposed to health hazards.


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  • Occupational Hygiene
    Occupational hygiene uses science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by the environment in which people work. It helps employers and employees to understand risks associated with the industry to improve working conditions....

  • Occupational hygiene uses science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by the environment in which people work. It helps employers and employees to understand the risks associated with the industry and to improve working conditions and working practices.

    These days the range of health risks in the workplace is more varied than ever. Consideration needs to be given to a number of health hazards such as chemicals, noise, heat or cold, ergonomic stresses, ionising radiation, microwaves, infectious diseases and psychological stress. Occupational hygienists have to protect workers from hazards posed by advanced technologies and need to anticipate the risks encountered from other emerging technologies.

    The impact of changing demographics and patterns of employment also needs to be considered.


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  • Quality
    IsoMetrix Quality Management helps businesses manage quality management processes and achieve compliance certification based on international ISO standards through the use of a centralised and electronic management system....

  • The global economy is becoming increasingly competitive. Customers demand ever-higher standards of service from existing and new product or service offerings. A clearly structured, systematic approach to improving the customer experience is crucial to any organisation if they are to remain competitive.

    Continual improvement is arguably the most important feature of a good quality management software system.  Product or service improvement is critical for the retention of customers and expansion of market share.

    IsoMetrix is the perfect tool for companies who have, or aspire to having, ISO 9001 accreditation. Quality Management software from IsoMetrix gives control and visibility over the full continual improvement life cycle.


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  • Primary Healthcare & Wellness
    The Primary Healthcare solution ensures that the day-to-day care needed to protect, maintain or restore an employee’s health is managed. The solution assists Healthcare practitioners to manage patient programmes and activities....

  • The purpose of Primary Healthcare and Wellness Management software  is to ensure that the day-to-day care needed to protect, maintain or restore an employee’s health is managed.

    Wellness programmes have proved to be an effective prevention tool for the reduction of healthcare costs. Successful wellness programmes not only improve the bottom line for employers, but they also help employees feel better about themselves and more positive about the organisation for which they work.



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