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  • One of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Tech Companies Expands North American Footprint with Purchase of Denver-area Software Firm

    TORONTO, Canada, June 29, 2016 – Intelex Technologies, a global leader in the development of environmental, health, safety and quality management (EHSQ) software, announced today that it has acquired Denver-based Ecocion, a leading SaaS provider of environmental management information systems (EMIS) that helps businesses govern their environmental risk and compliance, regulatory requirements and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting.

    The acquisition of Ecocion is one of several key strategic actions taken under the $123 million ($CAD 160 million) investment Intelex received from JMI Equity and HarbourVest in 2015.  The purchase will extend Intelex’s reach as the largest independent vendor of EHSQ cloud-based software and provides the company a commanding lead in the North American EMIS market.
    “We’re super excited to make Ecocion a part of the Intelex family,” said Mark Jaine, President and CEO of Intelex. “The capabilities of both teams, when integrated, will supercharge our ability to deliver the most comprehensive EHSQ software platform to companies of all sizes, from growth focused startups to global enterprise customers, empowering them to meet compliance requirements and improve operating performance.”

    Included in the purchase is Ecocion’s Asset and Compliance Tracking System, also known as ACTS -- the leading environmental SaaS solution for Fortune 200 energy companies. ACTS is powered by a best-in-class calculation engine and an exhaustive content library of environmental regulatory data to assure overall compliance, including:
    • Permits, limits and exceedances management, such as Title V and NPDES
    • Libraries of emission sources, equations, and emission factors to generate air and GHG emissions reports
    • Integrations with commercial asset management applications, process historian (for example, OSIsoft PI), and process simulation tools (for example, ProMax®)
    • Chemical inventory for SARA Title III, Tier I/II and state reporting.
    • Water and wastewater solutions to track sampling activities, maintain change of custody records, and produce region-specific discharge reports such as Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR)
    Intelex plans to integrate Ecocion’s calculation engine and content library with its highly-regarded workflow management and reporting capabilities to provide the most powerful EHSQ solution available to its more than 1,000 clients across energy, mining, chemical, and manufacturing industries, among others.
    Elie Mouzon, Intelex’s Chief Strategy Officer, remarked, “The Ecocion team brings with them highly-qualified engineering expertise, a very satisfied customer base, and a first-rate technology that when combined with their extensive regulatory content delivers the best environmental management solution in the market today.”
    Intelex is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and has more than 375 employees.  Over the next three months the Ecocion name will be transitioned under the Intelex brand. Additional ongoing investment will be made to grow capacity for the Denver area office and its 60 employees.
    “Everyone is thrilled to be joining the Intelex family,” said Greg George, founder of Ecocion. “Knowing this transition will add substantial resources for our team, and provides a positive outcome for both our employees and our customers, translates into a tremendous opportunity for continued growth and an energizing vision for the future.”

    About Intelex Technologies, Inc.:

    With more than 1,000 clients and 1 million users, Intelex Technologies Inc. is a global leader in environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) management software. Since 1992 its scalable, web-based platform and applications have helped clients across all industries improve business performance, mitigate organization-wide risk, and ensure sustained compliance with internationally accepted standards (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001) and regulatory requirements. Intelex is one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies and has been named one of the country’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, Best Managed Companies, as well as one of the country’s top employers by Aon Hewitt and Canada’s Top 100. For more information, visit


  • EHS Incident Management
    The Intelex EHS Incident Management solution empowers you to capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, including injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage and vehicle incidents....

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and international standards

    Comply with standards and regulations around safety such as: OSHA, OHSA, WCB, or OHSAS 18001, the environment: EPA, ISO 14001, CEPA, or other areas such as vehicle, finance, or security.

    Identify root-causes and protect your business from future occurrences

    Recording of root-causes associated with each incident means that you can trend this data across locations or business units and implement corrective actions that can have an enormous impact on your business.

    Effectively communicate the progress of each incident from start to finish

    Automated notifications based on roles ensure that those who need to know about an incident are immediately made aware. Incomplete tasks result in escalating notifications to ensure appropriate personnel are made aware when an incident isn’t being handled as expected.

    Eliminate duplicate entry and improve efficiency

    Incident data can be entered from any device whether it is a smart phone, tablet or computer. No more collecting data on paper or in spreadsheets only to be re-input later. All information is stored in a single place accessible by anyone with the appropriate access.

    Easily import legacy data to trend information over time

    The system allows for easy import of legacy data to ensure that you can access all of your historical incident information. This allows you to benchmark past performance against efficiency gains you’ll realize with the Intelex Incident Management Software.

  • Occupational Injury and Illness
    Intelex Occupational Injury and Illness software allows you to easily produce the appropriate injury and illness report, ensuring worry-free compliance with OSHA, WCB and others....

  • Ensure compliance with injury reporting regulations and international standards

    Meet geographic-specific regulations, including OSHA (United States) and WCB (Canada) reporting requirements, in addition to industry-specific reporting requirements as well.

    Effectively communicate the progress of each injury from start to finish

    Automated notifications based on roles ensure that those who need to know about an injury are immediately made aware. Incomplete tasks result in escalating notifications to ensure appropriate personnel are made aware when an injury isn’t being handled as expected.

    Eliminate duplicate entry and improve efficiency

    Incident data can be entered from any device whether it is a smart phone, tablet or computer. No more collecting data on paper or in spreadsheets only to be re-input later. All information is stored in a single place accessible by anyone with the appropriate access.

    Spend less time inputting data and more time improving organizational safety

    Reduce the time and resources required to manage injury and illness reporting and free up time for safety managers to analyze and implement proactive safety measures to reduce occupational injuries and diseases.


    OSHA Reporting Forms

    Intelex OSHA Reporting software allows you to maintain injury and illness records in accordance with OSHA requirements in the United States. Easily generate the Form 300 Log, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (300A) and the Injury and Illness Incident Report (Form 301) through the software, ensuring that these critical records are readily available should inspectors visit.

    WCB Reporting Forms

    Intelex WCB Reporting software allows you to maintain injury and illness records in accordance with provincial WCB reporting requirements in Canada. Easily capture data for the injury, illness and occupational disease reporting forms required by your province's Worker's Compensation Board and ensure that these critical records are readily available should inspectors visit.

  • Safety Policy
    Easily access, track and communicate safety policies for simplified compliance. Intelex Safety Policy software supports the visibility of your organization's safety policies and simplifies compliance with standards such as OHSAS 18001....

  • Improve organizational safety by ensuring access to Safety Policy documentation

    All Safety Policy documents are easily stored or linked to so every employee is aware of your safety policies and can access the most recent version of the document.

    Ensure compliance with OHSAS 18001 Section 4.2

    Your safety policy documents required under OHSAS 18001 Section 4.2 are available instantly to anyone with appropriate access. Simply log in to the Intelex System to demonstrate to auditors your commitment to this important standard.

    Eliminate tedious filing and archaic storage systems

    Your Safety Policies are all available in a virtual environment that is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Policies can be accessed remotely from any web-enabled mobile device or from your computer.

    Drive safety accountability throughout your organization

    Assign policy owners to ensure that policies are reviewed frequently and thoroughly with a complete policy review history, including areas for detailed notes and action items.

    Get complete visibility into all of the Safety Policies in your organization

    A detailed inventory view of your policy documents means you can easily review which policies are up-to-date and which need to be reviewed. You can sort, filter and export all Safety Policy records as required as well as print out preformatted reports of your organizational Safety Policies.

  • Safety Objectives and Targets
    Intelex Safety Objectives and Targets software simplifies the objectives and targets identification process, providing automated results tracking and meeting OHSAS 18001 requirements....

  • Centralize the planning of your safety objectives

    Automated prompts let you create a safety objective and target for specific aspects and a target date for achieving each objective.

    Track all safety program related activities and tasks

    Assign and monitor completion of safety program tasks including target date, person responsible and completion date.

    Attain or maintain compliance with management standards such as OHSAS 18001

    This application satisfies the requirements of the Safety Objections section of the OHSAS 18001 standard.

    Define clear safety procedures

    Ensure safety procedures and responsibilities are clearly identified, recorded, and implemented.

    Ensure the scalability of your safety program

    Identify potential safety hazards and risks organization-wide or on a per location basis and expand the system as your organization grows.

  • Behavior Based Safety
    Intelex Behavior Based Safety software standardizes the reporting of observations and discussions, allowing you to easily analyze the results and prioritize corrective actions to ensure job safety....

  • Centralize behavior observations and follow-up discussions

    Manage all your conducted observations in one central web-based system, allowing you to view related observations across business units for a complete picture of your behavior based safety program.

    Record observations on any number of job types and behaviors

    Create multiple question list configurations for as many observable contexts or job types as necessary and simplify checklist administration by controlling these lists to ensure the observer always uses the most up-to-date set of questions for the given context.

    Input and access data from anywhere on any device

    Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and time spent transferring handwritten notes. Onsite observers can access the Intelex system and record a behavior based safety observation instantly from any mobile device, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

    Ensure consistent methodology and trustworthy results

    Standardize evaluations by incorporating detailed instructions into the process, ensuring reliable results across your business regardless of the observer or the location of the onsite observation.

    Identify trends in at-risk behaviors and prioritize concerns

    Analyze the results of all behavior based safety observations and discussions to identify trends. Organize the data by equipment, location, job task, job title and more to gain insight on the observed at-risk behaviors.

    Reduce safety incident rates

    Empower management to make smart decisions that will have the greatest impact on improving job safety by using the data to highlight the most significant at-risk behaviors.

  • Job Safety Analysis
    Intelex Job Safety Analysis (JSA) software allows you to easily assess risk levels, communicate hazards and controls and prioritize risk reduction efforts across your organization....

  • Identify hazards and appropriate controls

    Identify the hazards present in individual job tasks, especially in non-routine jobs or non-routine environments. Record the necessary controls, such as procedures and PPE.

    Assess risk and prioritize efforts to reduce risk

    Empower management to respond to the most significant operational risks by using standard methodology and ranking criteria to assess risk associated with individual job tasks across the organization.

    Communicate hazards and appropriate controls

    Promote awareness of hazards associated with routine and non-routine job tasks and environments, ensuring that contractors and employees are always informed of the risks.

    Evaluate your response to hazards

    Analyze the results of risk assessments over time to determine the effectiveness of your response to the hazards identified in your job safety analysis. Use integrated action tracking to assign corrective measures and track their completion.

    Allow for enterprise visibility into operational risk

    Achieve greater visibility into your organization’s safety performance by consolidating information on risks associated with job tasks in a centralized web-based system.

    Exceed or comply with relevant regulations

    Streamline your compliance with the regulations or standards relevant to your location and industry, such as OSHA PSM standards or those that require a Workplace Risk Assessment and Control (WRAC).

  • Ergonomics Analysis
    Intelex Ergonomics Analysis software empowers you to identify, assess and address ergonomic hazards and their associated risks, ultimately reducing the cost of lost time and injuries....

  • Centralize data and promote corporate visibility of ergonomic issues

    Manage all ergonomic information relevant to your organization in one central web-based system. By defining Similar Exposure Groups (SEGs) according to location, job title and tasks performed, you can share knowledge across business units on ergonomic hazards that may be faced company-wide.

    Identify ergonomic hazards with standardized methodologies

    Evaluate the posture and movement of the limbs and whole body as job tasks are performed in order to expose the ergonomic issues faced by your employees. Use any combination of industry standard methodologies such as the Job Strain Index, REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) and Lift/Lower Force Assessment, or use the framework to create your own methodology within the system.

    Calculate the risk level of various job tasks

    Automatically calculate the level of associated risk upon completing an ergonomic assessment. Based on standard inputs, such as the duration of a job task, the repetition involved and the range of motion required, each ergonomic issue is defined as either a high, medium or low risk.

    Analyze and prioritize the risks associated with poor ergonomics

    View the results of your assessment in an inventory view that allows you to efficiently determine your priorities. High risk job tasks, those that are most likely to result in injury or lost productivity, can be prioritized over less critical ergonomic hazards.

    Reduce the cost of lost time and injuries

    Mitigate the cost of ergonomic hazards to your organization such as the cost of lost time, healthcare and insurance premiums, and injuries such as CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders) and MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). Use Intelex to highlight the related high risk activities and develop mitigation plans.

  • Industrial Hygiene
    The Intelex Industrial Hygiene solution allows you to assess and limit worker’s exposure to hazardous agents including airborne toxins, biological agents, noise, light exposure and more....

  • Ensure efficiency through centralized exposure monitoring

    Store, manage and report sampling data for different stressors and agents throughout your organization.

    Integrate exposure risk assessments and monitoring

    Create sampling plans for multiple stressors and exposure profiles based on exposure risk assessments.

    Simplify Similar Exposure Group (SEGs) management

    Establish similar exposure groups by task, process, job classification, environment agent, work teams, and more.

  • Occupational Health
    The Intelex Occupational Health solution helps you streamline the management of employee medical information and activities, so that you can spend less time on paperwork and more time delivering care to your employees....

  • Create and manage employee health records

    Capture health information and manage medical records for your entire workforce.

    Manage health programs across your organization

    Schedule and manage clinical visits including routine immunizations, PPD screenings, serologic screenings, x-rays, and more.

    Capture and report on medical surveillance data

    Understand the epidemiology of chronic conditions or episode illnesses impacting your workforce.

    Seamlessly integrate employee safety data

    Link employee health records to related incidents illness, allergies or modified work conditions.

  • Safety Hazard Observations
    Intelex Safety Hazard Observations software supports simplified compliance with regulations while preserving a clear record of all activities, from assessment to mitigation of identified safety hazards....

  • Streamline safety performance management

    Manage, review and improve safety performance and response processes from one central web-based application. Quickly analyze and understand risk at the source, by work location, by employee, and by job task.

    Enable job activity transparency

    For each job activity users can clearly identify the risks involved and the associated controls/personal protective equipment (PPE).

    Maintain clear audit trail

    Preserve an accurate record of all safety hazard and risk assessment related activities that clearly documents the procedures used and the results of their identification, analysis, and mitigation.

    Drive organization-wide communication

    View safety hazard data and risk analysis information from across multiple locations and communicate findings to eliminate duplication of efforts and inconsistencies in management approaches.

    Achieve and maintain regulatory compliance

    Meet and exceed the requirements of both OHSAS 18001 Hazards & Risks Assessment and OSHA Occupational Health & Safety regulations.

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