Titon Ideas

Guatemala City, 
  • Booth: 2625

Innovation and Evolution start here.

Titon Ideas is an Engineering Innovation shop, focused on impact safety, seeking worldwide licensing or commercial success of our intellectual property. Our goal is to positively change the world and inspire others to do the “impossible” through hard work and dedication. We developed a technology for superior impact attenuation and applied it to hard hats. We eliminated straps and padding and replaced them with a machine, the DANTA Suspension. When an impact occurs, helmets with our technology transmit less force and acceleration to the user’s head and neck compared to ordinary helmets in the same industry, on average, a force 50% lower than what international standards require.


  • DANTA Suspension
    For superior head protection, the DANTA Suspension has the capability of reducing the forces of an impact transmitted to your head and neck 2x better than ANSI Standard requirements....

  • We adapted simple machines to helmet shells to create a safer hard hat. Machine kinetics are engineered to increase the suspension's performance and provide superior head and neck protection. Our technology has been rigorously tested under ANSI standards, when compared to four of the leading brand competitors, our technology has demonstrated significant improvement in peak force. 
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