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No more live agents. No more front-line meters as props. No more tap-on-the-shoulder method.

HazSim understands the importance of safely engaging students. Utilizing the HazSim system to simulate hazardous gas, chemical, and radioactive environments provides a hands-on, interactive experience guaranteed to increase the value and effectiveness of each exercise.


  • Simulated hazmat environments provide students a safe way to actively participate.

  • HazSim's question and answer feature allows the instructor to verify student understanding as well as keep track of progress.

  • The HazSim tag function allows instructors to make notes during evolution so teachers can review with students later to reinforce what they learned or go back to review tricky concepts and encourage critical thinking.

First responders and hazmat workers can now train safely with hands-on, interactive simulated exercises.

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  • Stop by HazSim booth #6105 for a demo of our new HazSim GO gas meter training simulator and recieve a free gift! 


 Press Releases

  • 9/6/2019

    Casey Latto 

    HazSim LLC Booth #6105




    Simulated Gas Meter Training for Safety Professionals

    HazSim LLC has designed a new simple, easy-to-use training simulator at an affordable price.

    Los Angeles, CA: HazSim LLC has announced a new addition to their lineup of military grade training simulators specifically designed for safety professionals, the HazSim GO Trainer. The HazSim GO Trainer is a simplistic version of the same technology used in the time-tested multi-threat HazSim Pro 2.0 and offers user-friendly interfaces that emulate the meters industrial teams use every day. With customizable meter variations and alarms, a scalable platform for growing teams, and a long list of other intuitive features, the HazSim GO Trainer will quickly become a key tool in standard trainings across the nation.

    “We have had a longtime focus on the military and fire departments so it is very exciting to break into a new industry here. A few select industrial customers have worked with us to create a new system that offers everything they need in a simple, easy-to-use system at an affordable price point” says Phil Ambrose, Founder of HazSim LLC as well as a California fire captain, paramedic, and hazardous materials specialist.

    Those dealing with hazardous materials need a secure and controlled environment where they can gain practical knowledge for different scenarios and verify understanding without being exposed to any real risks. Luckily, simulation technology allows us to do just this - and what’s more, simulations encourage faster learning by giving instant feedback on their actions during exercises. Students can experiment using creative solutions without any negative real-life consequences.

    From healthcare to construction, many other industries have been reaping the benefits of simulation technology for quite some time. It will be great to watch as the safety industry fills a critical gap in hazmat training by following suit.

    The HazSim GO Trainer will be available for pre-order at NSC 2019 for $5,499.99. For more information on the HazSim GO Trainer, visit www.hazsim.com.

    About HazSim LLC: HazSim brings hazardous gas, chemical, and radioactive environments to life without the use of dangerous agents. First responders and hazmat workers can train safely in hands-on, interactive simulated exercises.

    Click here to schedule a demo at NSC 2019!


  • HazSim Pro 2.0
    The world’s most innovative and effective hazmat training system is now better than ever! With intuitive and scalable new features for growing teams, now is a great time to enhance your hazmat training with the HazSim Pro 2.0....

  • Intuitive and scalable features such as:

    • Ruggedized meter housing - 13.2” x 8.6” x .7” / 3.6 lbs
    • Super responsive touch screen and large external buttons
    • Loud audible alarms
    • Confined space probe with tubing included
    • Convertible laptop tablet with full keyboard and protective case for instructors
    • Group meters (if using more than one handheld) can be synced or controlled separately
    • Ability to create custom meters
    • Multi-gas - 4, 5, or 6 gas meters including Oxygen, Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), Carbon
    • Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Chlorine, Ammonia, and more
    • Radiation - alpha, beta, gamma
    • WMD meter (bar graph)
    • Individual gas feature
    • Instructor can send questions in real time
    • Students answer questions via HazSim handheld
    • Use HazSim’s preloaded questions or create your own
    • Customizable alarms for your team’s specific needs
    • Pelican Case for safe transport
    • Standard one year warranty, with option to extend
  • HazSim GO Trainer
    The HazSim GO Trainer is a simple, easy-to-use simulator for gas meter training with customizable features sure to work for any team....

  • Feature HazSim Pro 2.0 HazSim GO Trainer (Gas Only)
    1,000 foot range LAN
    Single gas
    4 gas
    5 gas
    6 gas
    Custom alarms
    Custom question sets
    Group meters (control multiple handhelds individually or all at once)
    Rad (alpha, beta, gamma)
    WMD meter (bar graph)
    Custom "skins" (Altair, MultiRAE)
    Tag function (instructor notes made during evolution)
    Evolution log (download key data from your training)
    Convertible laptop/tablet
    Hard-side carrying case
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