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  • Home/Office First Aid Kit
    Our small box first aid kit with a variety of products to meet basic first aid needs. It fits for home, office, vehicle, and backpack. The kit is roomy, durable, easy to carry, and simple
    to open....

  • Contents:
    01 Non-Woven Swab 4 pcs
    02 Adhesive Plaster 15 strips
    03 Adhesive Plaster Knuckle 4 pcs
    04 Long Adhesive Strip 1 pc
    05 Wet Tissue(Soap) 3 pcs
    06 Wet Tissue(NaCl) 3 pcs
    07 Scissors 1 pair
    08 Adhesive Tape 1 roll
    09 Tweezers 1 pair
    10 Emergency Blanket 1 pc
    11 Elastic Bandage 1 roll
    12 Safety Glove 1 pair
    13 Triangular Bandage 1 pc
    14 Safety Pins 10 pcs
    15 Conforming Bandage 1 roll
    16 Homopolymer PP Box
  • Plastic First Aid Box
    Product Code: FS-9703/9704/9705...

    • Size:FS-9703 21x14x7.5cm                                                                     FS-9704: 26x18x7.5cm                                                                   FS-9705: 25x25x7.5cm
  • Metal First Aid Box
    Made of iron, used as medicine cabinet, drawing box. This portable box is able to carry many first aid products and keeps them stable....

  • Made of iron, used as medicine cabinet, drawing box. This portable box is able to carry many first aid products and keeps them stable.

    FS-090 Size: 28. 2 x 23 x 9 cm
    FS-091 Size: 38 x 30 x 10 cm
    FS-092 Size: 2 7. 5 x 19 x 6. 5cm
    FS-093 Size: 3 5. 5 x 24 x 6. 5cm
    FS-9900 Size: 2 7 x 27 x 6. 5cm

  • First Aid Cabinet
    Size:39x30x16cm Material:HIPS...

  • This shelf – style cabinet , made of HIPS, features 4 adjustable clapboards in the cabinet and a lock at the front with keys provided. It is a wall-mounted cabinet with holes at the back.
    The adjustable clapboards enable the inner box to be divided into 7 compartments. Each of the clapboards can be removed to create more space in the compartments.
  • Compact Kit

  • A good design for promotion purpose, FDA approval first aid products in small PP box can be easy kept in pocket, it could also be helpful during travelling.

    Content List:
    01 Adhesive Tape 1 roll
    02 Gauze Bandage 1 roll
    03 Cotton Tip 6 pcs
    04 Gauze Pad 1 pkt
    05 Scissors 1 pair
    06 Adhesive Bandage 5 pcs
    07 Adhesive Bandage, Small 5 pcs
    08 Moist Towelette 1 pc
    09 PP Box 1 pc

  • Pocket First Aid Kit

  • This first aid kit is compact and convenient that you can put it in your pocket. It makes
    you confident while facing small injuries as this product provides you all kind of supplied
    you need.

    Content list:
    01 Adhesive Plasters 10 pcs
    02 Adhesive Plasters, Small 5 pcs
    Knuckle size 4 pcs
    03 Round Size Plaster 4 pcs
    04 Soap Wipe 1 pc
    05 NaCl Wipe 1 pc
    06 Wet Tissue (Antiseptic) 1 pc
    07 Small Pocket Box 1 pc
    08 Alcohol Pad 6 pcs

    09 Adhesive plasters small 5pcs

  • Mini First Aid Box
    Size: 14x10.5x3.7cm...

  • Strong& mini first aid box for small-size first aid supplies. It is small enough to be put into your pocket. The unique and innovative design brings attractive fashion to this product. Perfect for retail and promotion business. 

    Blue, green, red, transparent color available. 

  • Smart Wall-Mounted Kit FS-9194

  • Made of strong ABS material. With the wall bracket, it can be hung on a wall steadily. Smooth surface makes the kit always looks shiny.
    There are three compartments inside the kit. Through the transparent layer, you can see the contents very clearly during emergency. By attaching the base to the kit, the lid can be used
    as a tray (The base is in one compartment inside). Special designed clasps keep the first aid box close firmly. Recommended for workplace, office, and etc.

    01 Adhesive Plaster 25 pcs
    02 Wet Wipe (NaCl) 4 pcs
    03 Wet Wipe (Soap) 4 pcs
    04 Resuscitation Face Shield 1 pc
    05 Emergency Silver Blanket 1 pc
    06 Triangular Bandage 2 pc
    07 PVC Gloves 3 pairs
    08 ABD Pad 1 pc
    09 First Aid Dressing 1 pc
    10 Conforming Bandage 1 pc
    11 M-utility Scissors 1 pair
    12 Plastic Tweezers 1 pair
    13 ABS Box 1 pc

  • Home Care First Aid Kit FS-013

  • Small first aid kit which is useful for home, cars, trekking, camping, boy scouts, and etc.

    Content List:
    01 Sterile Gauze Pads 10 x 10cm  2pkts
    02 Scissors  1pair
    03 Plastic Forceps  1pair
    04 Burn Dressing 40 x 60cm  1pc
    05 Cotton Wool Pack  1pkt
    06 Adhesive Plasters  10pcs
    07 Soap Wipe  4pcs
    08 Cleansing Tissue Pack  4pcs
    09 Alcohol Wipe  2pcs
    10 Antiseptic Wipe  3pcs
    11 Adhesive Dressing 10 x 6 cm  1pc
    12 Adhesive Tape  1roll
    13 Elastic Gauze Bandage  1roll
    14 Gloves  1pair
    15 PP Box 1 pc

  • Micro Kit FS-001

  • This first aid kit is specially designed for travel use. With its mini size, it is fairly handy when you take care of small medical treatment.

    Content List:

    01 Gauze Swab 4 pkts
    02 Antiseptic Wipe 3 pcs
    03 Tape 1 roll
    04 Adhesive Plasters 20 p cs
    05 Elastic Bandage 1 roll
    06 Scissors 1 pair
    07 Homopolymer PP Box