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United States
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CA Short welcomes you to the 2018 National Safety Congress!

OSHA Compliant Safety Incentives Programs from C.A. Short Company:


Reduce Accidents - The financial burden of workplace injuries is costing U.S. business nearly $1 BILLION per week and rising*. Workplace safety unites the interests of employees and employers. Preventing work-related injuries saves employees from real pain and hardship.

Reinforce Positive Behavior - A properly structured, pro-active safety incentive program reinforces positive behavior, protects against preventable injuries (accidents), decreases days away (lost-time), and expects to be rewarded with lower disability costs, more satisfied workers, and ultimately, higher productivity and an increased bottom-line – all without encouraging non-reporting! 

Increase Bottom-Line - It also keeps skilled workers on the job, helping to ensure quality and production levels. Finally, improving safety increases a company’s BOTTOM LINE by avoiding the significant costs associated with on-the-job injuries.

Brands: Our award brands are household names - the brands that your employees want and desire.