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Multi-Purpose handle tool that allows user to carry fiberglass step ladders (most aluminum), extension ladders and little giants long distances without hurting their hands. Provides comfort and safety. Product also doubles as a drill gun holster and paint can holder/carrier.

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  • Boxtown Team Ladder Carrier
    Multi-purpose handle tool that allows user to carry fiberglass step ladders , extension ladders and multi-purpose ladders a long distance .Provides comfort and safety. Product also doubles as paint can holder/carrier and drill gun holster....

  • Its the first new PPE product of its kind. This handle was invented out of need on a work site. The carrier work on virtually all a-frame ladders and most extension ladders. We are about to launch in Walmart stores across USA. We are currently in over 55 retail stores in 9 states.

    Rather you be in ANY trade, ladder use is there. This product will add new level of safety and comfort to your technicians at affordable price. And it does more than just carry ladders, it can be use to haul 5 gallon buckets, 1 gallon cans, used a drill gun holster for the side of your ladder, carry any thing that has an edge with its unique (patent pending) design, due to that open handle: Dry wall, plywood,metal sheet, glass.

    Here are some key features:

    • Works on A-frame fiber glass Ladders 4ft-8ft and some aluminum.
    • Will work on 10ft-12ft A-frame fiber glass ladders,and most older EXTENSION fiberglass ladders but must FORCE FITTED.
    • Can carry ladder horizontal OR vertical. Open handle for multiple position carrying
    • Meets OSHA Ladder Safety Standards

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