2013 Executive Edge Track

What is the Executive Edge Track?

2013 marks the fifth year of this ground-breaking track, which brings together operations and EHS leaders from across all industries to discuss the issues that matter most to them. From high-level strategy to nitty-gritty tactics, the 2013 Executive Edge Track offers a truly unique opportunity to share with and learn from your peers. Join us at these insightful events!

Executive Edge Track Panel:
The Future of Managing Operational Risk - Embedding and Executing on EHS, Sustainability, and Enterprise Risk

Organizations worldwide of all industries and sizes face the same challenge: while it is clear that Enterprise Risk Management becomes more critical each and every day, it is harder to understand how to most strategically embed and execute on existing EHS and operational risk management efforts in a holistic way. In the face of global risks ranging from economic instability to catastrophic events, what roles do EHS, sustainability, and operational excellence play in an organization’s enterprise risk decision-making, and how can operations and EHS leaders speak to and influence these decisions?


In this Panel discussion, EHS and Operations leaders share their tested, practical approaches to integrating EHS, Sustainability, and other critical operational risk management functions into their organization’s Enterprise Risk Management profile. From getting the most out of leading indicators and analytics to finding the synergies between EHS and Sustainability efforts, the Executive Edge Track Panel will arm you with the strategies and tactics you need to make a difference in your organization.

Executive Edge Track Workshops*

Workshop A
What You Don't Know You Don't Know – EHS, Risk Management and Leading Indicators

Deming famously said that you can't manage what you can't measure - and by ignoring this logic, organizations the world over have found themselves in situations where they simply don't know what it is they don't know. In this hands-on workshop, EHS leaders from world-class organizations will share best practices and lessons learned in risk management and leading indicator development and use.


Workshop B
Big Data, Small Planet – Analytics, Sustainability and Enterprise Risk

Every organization understands that all the data in the world doesn't matter if it can't be meaningfully analyzed, yet little attention has been paid to how Big Data can pay dividends in the EHS and Sustainability fields. In this hands-on workshop, EHS leaders from world-class organizations will share best practices and lessons learned in analytics, sustainability and enterprise risk management.

Who should attend?

The Executive Edge Track will benefit participants who are actively involved in decision-making, strategic planning processes, resource allocation, and the integration between EHS and operations in their organizations. This includes company executives, safety professionals, and any other Congress attendees with safety responsibilities.


*Additional fee required and pre-registration is recommended.